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So What is coaching & Why would it be beneficial for me?


Partnership where the coach supports the coachee through a coaching partnership.

Coach doesn’t have the answers, but helps guides towards coachees answers.

Unconditional support and unlocking your true potential, with a coach who has your back.


Discover your personal motivators, strengths, skills, and then use those to create a desired future for you.

Create a clear goal and action plan, with steps to get you there.


 What it is not


We are going to focus on your future not on your past. Coaching is not counselling, consulting, psychology or teaching.

I am here to help you to find the answers for yourself, not find the answers for you.

Find your Exit Strategy



✔ Serious about making changes in career/future.

✔ An open mind, commitment and a willingness to follow through on tasks.

✔ The more keen you are and ready to move forward, the more you will get out of the programme.

Dedication to your own self development, and knowing that seeing it through till the end with get the best results (trust the process).




Between Career coaching


personal development coaching?

Career Change

Career Change


- This style of coaching uses a proven coaching programme designed to get you from a place of not knowing where to go to a point of clarity and direction.

- The programme has been modified specifically to work for yacht crew and to understand their individual needs and requirements.

- Coming from the yachting industry myself I know how hard it can be to try and visualise anything else, when what you’ve done for so long has become your specific niche.

Personal Development Coaching




This coaching looks specifically at an area of your life where you feel you are not quite as satisfied as you would like to be, it uses different tools and techniques to identify these and then we work on setting goals and creating action plans to get you there.

We also look at any barriers that could be holding you back, and work on ways to deal with those.