Grace, Beauty Therapist

“Thanks so much, I had no idea where to go for my training, so she helped me to find the perfect place for me. From the time I met her I have learnt a lot from her coaching. Just one email to Anna will change your life forever and the great thing with her if you have any questions at anytime she's always there for you. I highly recommend for those of you who are looking for a new challenge, and you need a very good coach like Anna, so that you don’t get stuck. She was amazing, Thanks so much Anna”

— Grace, Beauty Therapist

Anna PetchellGrace Tembo
Glenio, yacht chef

“A massive shout out to the best life coach I could ever have.

I can’t express how happy, amazed and lucky I am to be working with Anna.

Her coaching services are helping me to settle my busy mind, old life and yachting issues that I couldn’t imagine were there hidden in my mind and heart. Anna is helping me to bring all that up in a safe way helping me to heal and turn these not well solved attributes into strong talents.

Anna had been showing constant hard work, dedication, patience, love and affection to solve these issues. Clearly her empathic character ate helping me to get the best results out of myself and focus on my goals.

Her talent with to deal with humans and souls are incredible and I am sure that she can guide anyone on any path.

I worked with other amazing coaches in the past and she could help me to get results faster than I could ever imagine or dream and expect.

I wish to be able to work with her for a long time until I can help myself and consequently help others too.

Yachting lost an amazing crew member but is winning an incredible person and light guide that I am sure will make more and more”

- Glenio, Chef

Anna Petchell
Caroline, former yacht stewardess

“Anna provides a fantastic coaching experience to anyone who is wanting to reach their goals. She helps by listening, providing thoughtful feedback ideas and helps hold me accountable to my plans. I highly recommend her services!”

- Caroline, Former Stewardess

Visuable Team
Matthew Deckhand

“Anna provides a great coaching experience for those who are willing to put in the effort. She questioned my thought process and made me realise my underlying issues and pushed me to work through what has always been holding me back. From the first session to the last, she has been kind, thoughtful, and patience to get to the bottom of my concerns and helped me work through my own challenges. I highly recommend!”

- Matthew, Deckhand

Visuable Team